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HIKAGEHEGO It could be found all over deep in the forest in Okinawa,is HIKAGEHEGO.(ferns.sp)
siira-river It's covered up by mangroves,runs through the east of Iriomote-island,is SIIRA-RIVER.
roots for breath It's roots for breath of MAYAPUSIKI.(mangroves.sp)
star sands beach It's located west of Iriomote-island, is HOSIZUNANOHAMA-beach.(it means Star-sands beach)
sightseeing boat. It runs middle of Nakamagawa-river,is sightseeing boat.
Sakisimasuounoki It has plank roots,is SAKISIMASUOUNOKI.
Mariudo It's located upper stream of the Urauchi-river,is MARIUDO-falls.
Pinaisaara It's highest falls in Okinawa,is PINAISAARA-falls.
buffalo It goes across to the Yufujima-island,is SUIGYUUSYA-bus.(it means Buffalo's bus)
Iriomote wild cat It's living only in Iriomote-island,is IRIOMOTE WILD CAT disinghnated for natural commemmoration of Japan.
Serpent-eagle It's king of the sky in Iriomote-island,is SERPENT EAGLE.

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