It's held every year on the 10th of October,on route 58,in the city of Naha,Japan. A huge rope,about 200 meters long,weighing about 40 tons,is pulled by tens of thousands of people who have divided themselves to the east end and the west end of the street. Gongs and bells are rung and drums are drummed loudly. Many HATAGASHIRA(flagpoles) are flying. The scale of the sights and sounds of the festival is one of grate magnificence.

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HATAGASHIRA Before the main event,many brave and strong men proudly walk along the Kokusaidoori-street,carrying the HATAGASHIRA high in the air.
MALE ROPE People pull the huge ropes from the east and the west,to bring them together at the center. The picture is the male rope from the west.
JOINED ROPES The "male" and "female"ropes are pulled togethre and then joined with the KANUCHI-bar.
THE SHITAKU Two brave men,colled"SHITAKU",come from the east end and the west end to stand on the center knot. Usually,historical rivals in Okinawa play them.
PULL THE ROPE Sometimes,people take rests by leaning on the huge rope, because it is so heavy and heaving of the ropes takes such so long time. When one side tires out,the other side will pull and pull the rope with the men calling,"HA-IYA"from top of the rope. Taking intervals and team-work will decide which side will win.
KACHAASHII At the end,both competing sides,and everyone else,men and women,young and old,dance the Kachaashii dance. The winners dance with the joy of their victory and the loser also dance with good sportsmanship,because they tried their best.

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