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SHURIJO CASTLE from sky All of the SHURIJO CASTLE from sky.
SHUREIMON-gate When dynasty of Ryukyu,it was third gate for go up to the SHURIJO CASTLE,is the SHUREIMON-gate.
SUNUHYANUTAKI It was one of most important pray site for royal family,is the SUNUHYANUTAKI.
KANKAIMON-gate Next to the Shureimon-gate is the main gate of the SHURIJO CASTLE,is the KANKAIMON-gate.
RYUHI The picture is the RYUHI(the water pipe of dragon) and ZUISEN(the water).It's the origin of the name Zuisenmon-gate,located the side of their.
the main palace It symbolizes prosperity of the dynasty of Ryukyu,is the SEIDEN(main palace) of Shurijo-castle.
The face It's beautiful the color of vermilion and delicate ornament,is the face of the SEIDEN.
the view from ryuutan The picture is view from RYUTANIKE-pond.There was floated dragon-boats for pleasure.
BEZAITENDO The picture is BEZAITENDO,located Enkanchi-pond,and TENNYOBASI-bridge.
the night of SHURIJO-castle It's the Syurijo-castle lit up at night.

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