It is traditional dishes of Okinawa.And it is divided into "THE COURT DISHES",cooked on the ceremony and reception,or event in the Syurijou castle,and "THE COMMON DISHES",agree with the climate of Okinawa,made from poverty life.There is the key of"Okinawa,Most longevity state of Japan"in the foods of Ryukyus,is simple,and is exellent at nutritional science.Now we will introduce parts of thease.

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Gohyaa-chanpluu Gohyaa-chanpluu
It is sauteed Gohyaa, the king of summer vegetable in Okinawa,and tofu.ther are some variation of it in several home,such as add pork or other material to it.It is most popular chanpluu in Okinawa. *Chanpluu is Okinawan saute.
Naabeeraa-nbushii Naabehraa-nbushii
Naabehraa is typical summer vegetable as gohyaa.It has so exquiste flavor,is mixed juice from naabehraa with miso.
Soumin-chanpluu Soumin-chanpluu
It is home dish in Okinawa and easy to make,adding pork or tuna to fine noodles. It is light meal when "UHGHI-TOHSHI"(reaping sugar cane) in Okinawa.
Uchinaa-suba Uchinaa-suba
Suba is Okinawan dialect,is Soba. Usually it called "SUBA"in Okinawa.However it is not made from buckwheat But wheat flour.So it likes "KISHIMEN".It is prepared stock from bone of pig,is so "Ajikuutaa"(thick and juicy).Usually we put sliced meal on it.But if we put vegetable or paw of pig etc,it name is changed to "Suba". For example the picture is "SOUKI-SUBA"putting "SOUKI"(souki is ribs of pig ).
Kuubu-irichi Kuubu-irichi
For a start,add some materials to sliced kombu.Secondly add stock from pig,and stew well.We can't do without it,when celebration in Okinawa.
Raftei Raftei
It is Okinawan block cooking food,is made added Awamori(Awamori isliquor of Okinawa) to pork.Originally, it was keepable food.But be cooked often for guest now.
Inamuduchi Inamuduchi
Originally,it was used meat of wild boar.But be used pork now.It is boiled well with the soup of sliced materials and Sweet-miso.It is served on celebration.
Ashitibichi Ashitibichi
It is added kombu to stewed paws of pig.It gelatin is so good and peculiar flavor.
Toufuyou Toufuyou
It is fermented toufu with malted rice and awamori,is Okinawan original processed food.When kingdom of Ryukyus, it was introduced from China,and another name is "THE CHEESE OF ORIENTAL".It matches Awamori.Please eat the dainty once.
Tundarbun Tundarbun
Originally,this name was this dishes one.But it is called "Tundarbun" all materials now.It is so-called receptacle for hors d"oeuvre or relishes. It used by the higher classes in Naha and Syuri or licensed quarters at Tsuji when The kingdom of Ryukyus."Hnaikas" are the center of it,and "Burdick rolled pork""Kamaboko of meat""Fried water potato""Tenpura of fish""Minudaru(steamed sirloin of pig)""Kamaboko""Kombu"etc take part in it.It is representative dishes that be able to remind us of brilliant days on The kingdom of Ryukyus.

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